Simplicity in residential life management


Our Advantage

  • Web Based

    Manage your housing from anywhere using just the browser installed on your computer, tablet, or phone.

  • Regular Updates

    Receive constant updates for free that improve functionality and add new features.

  • Intuitive Interface

    A clean interface allows you to accomplish every task faster and more efficiently by letting you focus on what’s important.

  • Unparalleled Customization

    Tailored to your institution. From style to your specific processes and procedures.

  • Customer Service

    We’re always ready to help. Whether you have a simple question or a pressing issue, we treat every request as a priority.

Signature Features

Interactive Hall Layouts

Room Selection

Students are able to choose their room based on your lottery and room selection settings in a real time environment. It’s like picking your seat on an airplane where spots are closed as soon as a resident picks the bed.

Room Management

Administrators can quickly adjust room and floor settings, move residents on the fly, and watch halls fill up live during an on-going room selection.

Smart Groups

Administrator Created Groups

SCH allows administrators to create unique groups of residents based on any information in the system. Need to contact all the female soccer and softball players that live on three separate floors at the same time? No problem!

Personalized Roommate Matching

By selecting a group such as “Matchable First Year”, SCH can help administrators find the best possible roommate match by looking at all the lifestyle preferences and personality questions your residents have completed.


Smart Groups + Notifications

Combined with the power of smart groups, administrators can use our notification system to quickly email large groups of residents without the use of mail merge.

Notification Management

Administrators can monitor, track, and review all previous email notifications. They can also create and access email templates that can be used from one year to the next.

Feature List


  • Resident dashboard
    • Give students easy access to room assignment and recent housing news.
    • Room selection countdown
  • Online room selection
    • Interactive floor plans
    • Real-time selection
    • View unique photos of each room
    • Easily choose roommates
    • See each floor and hall community
  • Customizable application
    • Include personality and lifestyle questionnaire, meal plan options, emergency contact, insurance information, roommate choice, hall preference, and much more.
    • Digitally sign contract


  • Customizable dashboard
    • Display key data based on user preference and time of year
  • Searchable resident database
    • Find any student via their name or ID#
    • Quickly get updated on a resident's status
  • Resident history and activity profile
    • Track all student activity during their time on campus
    • See who made any changes (resident or administrator)
    • Ability to add unique notes to each resident's history
    • Comment on any resident activity to give more details to other administrators
  • Interactive hall layouts
    • Drag and drop resident placement
    • Manage hall settings such as class and gender preferences
    • Tag rooms with unique identifiers such as ADA, living learning community, air conditioned, etc.
    • Upload room photos and dimensions
  • Intelligent Roommate Matching
    • Personalize your matching system by prioritizing criteria
    • View compatibility score for each match
  • Lottery/Room Selection Management
    • Generate “lottery” numbers for each resident based on customizable criteria
    • Allow residents to begin selection based on unique groups or through a one by one selection
  • Customizable Notifications
    • Create reusable templates
    • Eliminate the need for mail merge
    • Monitor email status and access previously sent notifications
  • Powerful Reporting
    • Pull any information into easily downloadable Excel files
  • Granular Administrator Permissions
    • Create many different levels of administrators depending on what access is needed
    • Allow RAs to access basic resident and room information
    • Allow admissions to see the progress of applications
    • Allow security to access emergency contact or medical insurance information


SCH is really going to be invaluable to any school that is looking to save time and money for their department.
Latika Webster
Director of Residence Life, Franklin College
Bringing in SCH for our housing sign up has been the single most impactful thing that I have been able to do for the department.
Andrea Robinson
Assistant Dean of Housing & Residence Life
Marian University
It was flawless, and smooth, and everything that we wanted it to be. The system overall was perfect. As students we all went in, knew what to do, did our stuff, and got out.
David L.eszcynski

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